Largest student run hackathon at Texas A&M

Join us this fall and hack at Rudder Tower with 300-500 of your closest hacker friends.

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Moto 360 Watches, Dell Tablets, and LeapMotions

Nvidia GTX 780's and Chromecasts

littleBits Arduino Coding Kits


The maximum amount of teams is 4. You must also be at TAMUHack in order to submit an entry.


Make any hardware, mobile or web app.


Bob Timm

Bob Timm

Judging Criteria

  • Originality
    Did you just see this hack last weekend? Does it already exist? Is it an old app with a new twist?
  • Polish
    How is it designed? Does it look like it was turned in as soon as the hack was done and the functionality was finished or does it look like there was some work done to make it look nice.
  • Technical Difficulty
    Does it look like something that could have been done in 4 hours? Or does it look like it took them hacking away the whole 24 hours?